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Fun For Free
The place for fun

Welcome to Fun for Free. Fun for free has many attractions for free. We have 5 chat rooms in which you can use. You can have your own page for free and add stuff to it (while space lasts). You can go to a game page where you can play games for free. You can also get games on your webpage. There is a page where you can listen to music for free. There also is a page with a lot of random stuff.

There are 5 free chat rooms for any body to use. You can also add a chat room to your own web page for no additional fee. If you want to reserve a free chat room for you and your friends you can email us at We will e-mail you telling you which chat room you are renting.

At fun for free we have a page of games. There are about a hundred games. There are action games. There are strategy games. There are sports games. There are sports games. There are shootemup games. You can also add games to your web page for free.

Music is one of the coolest services we offer. Due to the amount of bandwith it takes you must sign up at the beginning of evrey month. We have a limeted amout of sign up spaces, so you must sign up early. You can sign up the day before tthe start of the month. You are also limmted to 5 songs a day. Sign Up or Log In